Position Summary

Estimators will review plans and specifications, coordinate with vendors for pricing, perform material take-offs and labor take-offs, complete Quality Buildings scope of work bid sheet, meet with senior estimator and owner to review for the final bid amount, and assist as directed with submittals. Additionally, gather and input all necessary information to compile accurate estimates and accurate written proposals, also assist as directed with submittals.

Major Responsibilities


  • Review plans and specs for the scope of work
  • Assess any issues and submit RFI’s as needed
  • Perform material and Labor T.O. in Planswift
  • Complete Quality Buildings scope of work Bid sheet Including Job Specific notes and RFI’s
  • Review received vendor quotes scope of work (w SR. EST) For completeness
  • Use worksheets to build Bid for received prices, our labor amounts
  • Assemble information to pass on to the Project Manager if successful

Gather Info

  • Check through plans, addenda, and specs looking for any unusual or questionable items.
  • Job site visit if needed
  • List out all potential RFIs on the RFI log
  • List out all unusual items and send them to suppliers for pricing
  • Compile a list of questions for GC while reading specs and plans
  • Initiate phone calls with GC estimator to clarify and discrepancies
  • Record all information received from GC during Estimating
  • Determine material types and note on Bid scope sheet

Calculate Labor and Material for the Project

  • Verify scopes from suppliers for comparison and completeness
  • Enter pricing received from suppliers
  • Complete scope sheet with material types
  • Complete scope sheet with inclusions/exclusions
  • Speculate on equipment needed and why
  • Review all recent addendums to ensure we have the most recent info
  • Ask GC for the scope sheet (if available)

Complete Takeoff

  • Input project into Planswift to perform material takeoff
  • Read and interpret wall types for accurate takeoff
  • Set up folders per floor in Planswift
  • Create separate folders for items that need to be broken out/priced separately
  • Apply appropriate cost codes to the correct takeoff items for labor units
  • Send outbid scope for truss pricing to our suppliers
  • Send our pricing request for hardware
  • Fill out labor calculator before bid review

Additional Responsibilities

  • Attend and participate in project handoff meetings with the QB operations team
  • Attend and participate in periodic sales and staff meetings
  • Suggest and implement any estimating improvements to enhance estimating
  • Work with Senior Estimator to answer all post bid scope clarifications and questions from customer and QB Project Manager
  • Do not initiate sales follow-up calls unless directed.
  • Do not initiate contact with QB Project Manager unless directed

Review Job With (Senior Estimator)

  • Bring all special job considerations to Senior Estimators attention as well as all assumptions made
  • Review all labor calculation items
  • Review all vendor pricing/scopes
  • Set Gross margin
  • Review bid strategy and bidders list
  • Record final price on scope sheet
  • Record any breakouts/alternatives etc. on the scope sheet
  • Write up any project-specific items/notes that were observed and save them in the project folder for operations


  • Minimum 4 years combined field and/or office experience in blueprint reading, specifications, computer use (excel), and vendor communications.

Specialized Skills

  • Ability to review and assimilate information from plans and specs (build project in his/ her mind)
  • Computer literacy and ability to learn new programs
  • Ability to follow a standard method of operation for consistent results
  • Advanced skill in Microsoft excel and word
  • Advanced skill in written communication

Results Expected

  • Job estimated accurately
  • Produce 30 – 60 million in estimates completed on time.
  • The proposal is concise and well written.
  • All completed estimate information is filed and stored properly.
  • All directives should be completed on time


  • The position does not have any regular responsibility for overseeing or supervising the work of other employees.