Our Approach to Residential and Commercial Framing

We look at construction differently.

At Quality Buildings, we take a wholistic approach to every project to ensure the value we bring improves quality, efficiencies, accountability, and safety from start to finish.

We stand out in the industry by providing a complete supplied and installed framing package – from lumber selection, to roof and floor trusses and pre-fabricated wood wall panels, to the labor needed on-site. Our process starts with our experienced estimators, design team, in-house manufacturing staff, and skilled on-site supervisors and framers to safely and efficiently build each project. This hands-on approach gives our clients peace-of-mind knowing the job was done right.


Our design team uses the latest software to create prints based on imagery that can be read and interpreted quickly. Our design process ensures our designs have an organized flow from concept to completion.


Our in-house manufacturing offers a controlled environment. Instead of building walls outside in the blistering heat or freezing cold, Quality Buildings handles wood framing in a streamlined and efficient manner in our 15,000 sq. ft. facility.


Our turnkey lumber framing package goes beyond the supply of material to skilled framers who oversee the project. We hire from the rich pool of local craftsmen in Lancaster, PA and we’re recognized for bringing greater efficiency to the job site. We have great relationships with our suppliers and can package that with the excellence of our craftsmanship.