Our Structural Design & Engineering Service Increase Value, Safety, and Efficiency

Structural design is one of the most essential steps in the process of taking a building project from concept to completion. From mixed-use commercial buildings to large-scale multi-use residential communities, the structure drives the project and determines a successful outcome.

As an experienced and preferred partner providing a turnkey prefabricated wood framing package, Quality Buildings’ Structural Engineering service brings significant value to developers, owners, contractors, and architects in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our top priority is to ensure the design results in a safe and stable structure.

Our Design & Engineer Services

  • Construction Engineering
    • Rigging Design for Panel Installation
    • Value Engineering
  • Engineer of Record
    • Foundation Design
    • Retaining Walls
    • Structural Repairs
    • Structural Conditions Assessment
  • Specialty Structural Engineer for Wood & Mass Timber Projects

The Benefits of Quality Buildings’ Turnkey Service

Adding Quality Buildings’ structural engineering service to a current QB framing project adds value, improves safety, and can save time and money. Our structural engineering team works collaboratively with architects and engineers of record to fully utilize the speed and efficiency of QB panelized framing systems and reduce RFI and construction coordination issues.

Starting a new project? As the EOR we can design the structure to maximize the effectiveness of the QB panelized framing process, saving time and money during construction.

  • Delegated Design Services (ex. wood stairs, wood connections)
  • Design Assist Services
  • Construction Means & Methods
  • Limit the Amount of Construction Administration
  • Reduce Delays as you Move Through the Approval Channel
  • Quicker Turnaround from Problem to Solution

Structural Engineering for Conventional and Wood-Framed Projects

While QB is known for its expertise in wood construction, our Structural Engineering Service adds value to projects built with other conventional construction materials including concrete block and steel. We can also provide the overall structural design of wood-frame projects that fall outside of Quality Buildings’ turnkey framing package.

Project Types:

  • Design Wood Decks and Stairs
  • Overall Structural Design of the Wood-Framed Building (foundations, walls, floors, roof, etc.)
  • Design of Specific Components (stairs, timber trusses, etc.)
  • Existing Conditions Review Reports, Structural Assessments, or Evaluations

By working directly with your architect or Quality Buildings’ design team, QB’s Structural Engineer develops structural drawings ready for bid. Once the bids come back we complete the final construction documents based on correspondence with the general contractor. As your Engineer of Record, Quality Buildings remains involved in the construction process to quickly respond to changes that are required to keep the project moving forward.

Structural Engineering for Mass Timber Projects

In Mass Timber Construction, the structure drives everything about the building. If the architecture and other designs aren’t aligned with the structural grids, the cost of the project will greatly increase.

As your structural engineering partner, Quality Buildings understands that the materials used in mass timber construction are not interchangeable. Because the building grid changes based on the type of floor, beam, or column systems used, selecting the right materials before the design is crucial. Our structural engineer is with you from concept to completion.

  • Support Engineer-Build-Design Process for Turnkey Mass Timber Framing
  • Serve as Engineer of Record (EOR) or Specialty Structural Engineer (SSE) for Framing and/or Connections.
  • TimberTowers Product Engineering

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