Our History

Quality Buildings, LLC was founded in 2008 with a commitment to provide our customers with the finest craftsmanship. Initially a design-and-build contractor in the equestrian and dairy industries, Quality Buildings has evolved into a top, award-winning commercial framing contractor, specializing in off-site construction for multi-use communities, multi-family apartment complexes, senior living facilities, hotel construction, and restoration.

Our mission is building the future one client, one vision, and one project at a time. As an award-winning framing contractor, we are known for pushing the envelope on innovative ideas that increase productivity and efficiency.

Founded and operating on Christian principles, we take ownership of our work by providing quality products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations and our own commitments. We believe our values are paramount to building and maintaining successful relationships with our clients, vendors, and employees.
Our employees are key to our success, providing superior project delivery, a tradition of excellence, and an unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, honesty, and reliability. Our team strives to communicate openly throughout the project, to ensure the end result is one of which we can all be proud.