When comparing pre-fab to on-site framing, the benefits can quickly add up. Investing in a pre-fab construction not only offers you more overall control over the process and quality, it also saves you time and money by reducing the duration of your project by up to 30%.

With Quality Buildings as your framing partner, you get added value in every project through reduced general condition costs for general contractors, quicker turnaround, and because we guarantee the contract number, you have a lower risk of cost overages.

Here’s an example from a recent apartment complex project where Quality Buildings supplied a turnkey framing package.

Pre-Fab vs. On-Site Framing. The Savings Add Up.

To better understand the process and start the conversation on how using pre-fab framing components can benefit the bottom line of your next construction project, contact Elmer Zook at Elmer@QualityBuildings.com