Mass Timber, Engineered Wood, and Cross Laminated Timber

Classic and iconic heavy timber-framed structures of the past have inspired a wave of creative innovators to blend newer technology, streamlined processes, and cutting-edge design to spawn dynamic and cutting-edge Mass Timber systems. Designed and manufactured under scrutinized engineering oversight, mass timber construction is fast becoming the building material of the future.

Utilizing premium grade and responsibly harvested lumber in conjunction with high-tech adhesives, wood beams, columns, and panels are processed through sophisticated fabricating machinery. The resulting products create holistic building systems that have owners, architects, and engineers eager to incorporate these structural masterpieces into their building designs and overall construction methodology.

The Mass Timber and Prefab Construction Revolution

The growing acceptance of prefab construction models for commercial buildings has accelerated interest among developers, architects, and general contractors in using mass timber when designing office space, multifamily, and other mixed-use projects.

As a leader in prefabrication wood commercial framing, Quality Buildings works with architects, developers, building owners, and general contractors to create quality mass timber multi-story structures, including mass timber stair and elevator towers.

When compared to traditional construction, the prefab method supports sustainable construction and greater standardization across the building process and allows construction firms to actively address productivity problems affecting the quality of the project and pace of delivery.

Reasons for choosing prefabrication for wall panels and trusses over traditional methods include:

  • Reduced Material Waste
  • Reduced Transportation Emissions
  • Reduced Noise and Air Pollution
  • Advanced Assembly Method Reduces Energy Per SF
  • Potential to Reduce 21 million Tons of CO2
  • Pre-Engineered
  • Accelerated Construction Schedule
  • Leasing Velocity / Faster ROI

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Benefits of Mass Timber Construction


Now, more than ever, customers are becoming more sustainability-conscious and placing greater pressure on developers and building owners to lower the carbon footprint of new construction.

The heightened awareness of climate change is driving leaders in the construction industry to be more intentional to include sustainable products, pre-fabrication methods, and biophilic design practices when considering their building projects, processes, and the end-users’ aesthetic expectations.

Efficiency & Quality

Prefabricated mass timber systems can be assembled by fewer workers and go up 30% faster than a building using steel or concrete.

Not only can you reduce costs by reducing the construction time, but you can also increase your revenue by occupying your building faster. Mass timber wall panels also provide thermal benefits and can help make building envelopes more airtight and thus, more energy efficient.

Safety & Security

Like heavy timber, mass timber has inherent fire resistance that allows the wood to be exposed, while still achieving the two-hour fire-resistance rating.

Fire resistance is measured from the start of the fire up until the point that the material is no longer functional, and resistance is measured in minutes: FR 30, 45, 60, or 120.

To achieve the designed fire resistance period, each mass timber component within the building must be designed for the fire-resistance period and the specific loading applied to that item.

Fire resistance testing of mass timber panels is to ISO 834-which is the same standard used for doors. Additionally, the char rate of wood has been well documented, and the 2018 International Building Code (IBC) identifies mass timber as an approved, fire-resistant building material.

Strength & Health Promoting Aesthetics

Mass timber construction provides exceptional strength and inspires design aesthetics not possible with traditional construction. These products consist of pre-engineered wood panels, columns, and beams that are glued or fastened together. Options include Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), Dowel-Laminated Timber (DLT), Nail-Laminated Timber (NLT), and Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT). Mass timber products are used for load-bearing walls, floor, and roof construction.

In addition to the aesthetic attributes, the health benefits of wood are an emerging topic of interest among researchers. The Biophilic Design aspect of mass timber lends itself well to the increasing need for individuals to connect with nature. A study commissioned by Forest and Wood Products Australia found a correlation between the presence of wood and employees’ overall satisfaction at work, lower absenteeism, higher levels of concentration, and improved productivity.

As more developers, architects, and building owners embrace mass timber, Quality Buildings would be delighted to partner on your next project.

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