44 REVI Flats

Urban Renewal Project

44 REVI Flats

Urban Renewal Project

General Contractor: Royal Square Development & Construction

Location: York, PA

Project Description:

After sitting vacant for 30 years, the former F. W. Woolworth Building in York, PA has been given a new lease on life. Now known as 44 REVI Flats, the building serves as a mix of retail and residential space. REVI which is a play on the word revitalization and symbolic of the Market Street redevelopment effort, offers 15 one-bedroom apartments and three three-bedroom luxury apartments for a total of 30,000 sq. ft. of living space.

Quality Buildings was selected as the framing contractor to add two stories of apartments above the existing portion along Market Street and add three stories of apartments above a newly constructed parking garage in the back. One of the most significant aspects of this project was the creative vertical build – adding a third and fourth floor – to create more square footage.

Renovations and restoration projects are always a challenging undertaking given the many unknowns. In the case of the Woolworth Building where the existing footprint was not precisely square, the job required each floor truss to be individually measured to obtain the correct dimensions. Additional work was required to coordinate the plumbing drops and the HVAC chases.

And, like many urban renewal projects where limited space is a factor, a number of logistic challenges needed to be addressed. With just one point of access for material handling, careful coordination of deliveries was crucial. Site limitations also demanded that the building be constructed in two phases. The front-facing two-story addition, which was built above the existing structure, was completed first. After completing the front and the parking garage, the remaining three-stories were built.

Quality Buildings’ scope of work consisted of CSI code 6000, which included rough carpentry, floor and roof truss installation, sheathing, interior apartment frame outs, and necessary blocking for cabinets, handrails, and robe hooks.

“Quality Buildings has met the very unique challenges required on the project to stage and set floor/roof trusses within a very limited urban site, as well as framed the complete new interior with excellent outcome for eighteen new apartment units, retail spaces, and an outdoor socializing roof deck.

The project has received excellent reviews from the York community with all apartments being leased to residents who want the convenience of working, shopping, and living within a vibrant downtown setting. Quality Buildings should be recognized for their contribution to this important and complex Urban renewal project.”

Kevin S. Stick

Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects