Fairfield Inn & Suites

Fairfield Inn & Suites

General Contractor: Lynmar Builders

Location: Broomall, PA

Project Description:

In construction, anything can happen and the ability to react to change is crucial for a successful outcome. The construction of the new Fairfield Inn & Suites in Broomall, PA was no exception to this rule. What started out in the design phase as a steel structure, ended as wood framing.

The project required a framing contractor who was well-versed in reacting to change, so Lynmar Builders turned to Quality Buildings to provide a turnkey framing package. As part of the scope, Quality Buildings was given the challenging task of building the four-story hotel from prototype drawings designed for light gauge steel framing. Following our precise pre-construction process, we were able to identify and correct critical design issues before getting to the jobsite.

The first hurdle was converting the steel designs to wood to ensure the dimensions for the room layout were accurate to determine the plumbing drop and floor-to-floor shaft wall locations. After the room units were framed, we taped off the bathroom layout to obtain accurate dimensions to continue the interior framing.

Despite starting the project with inaccurate layouts, the Quality Buildings team was able to accurately design the floor joist system to avoid plumbing drop conflicts for 94 of the 110 rooms. Because of the due diligence in the pre-construction phase of the framing, we were able to finish this project two weeks ahead of our scheduled completion date.

The end result – a stylish, four-story hotel that is helping to address the lodging shortage in Delaware County.

“This four-story hotel started out in the design phase as a steel structure, then was switched to wood framing. Lynmar required a company that could react to these changes.

Over the course of the project, Quality Buildings consistently provided the required number of qualified personnel and was able to adapt and follow our construction schedule. Quality Buildings’ foreman was consistently looking ahead, asked the right questions, and alerted the Lynmar job supervisor of potential problems and solutions.”

Ray Mc Dowell

Project Manager, Lynmar Building & Maintenance Contractors