Garden Spot Village

Garden Spot Village

General Contractor: Warfel Construction

Location: New Holland, PA

Project Description:

Lancaster County is known for its robust senior living and continuing care communities. The newest community at Garden Spot Village is distinct in that the design was inspired by cohousing and pocket neighborhood models, which foster a sense of community and allow in-law quarters for residents caring for elderly parents. A total of six different cottage types were designed, including five single-story units and one two-story unit.

Given the 10-day turn on each cottage, Quality Buildings’ off-site, prefab construction model was the preferred method for the project. Because this was the first time our wall panel system was being used on buildings of this size, our work started with a test run. Once we determined the wall panels to be successful, we developed a system to replicate each additional cottage. Our efficient process allowed us to quickly make up for any time lost during our test phase.

Our proactive preconstruction process also allowed us to identify a design error in the window height and header size, saving valuable time once we got to the job site. We were also able to pre-plan our wall panel design to adjust for one cottage model that called for a rafter roof. In place of our standard wall panel design, the Quality Buildings team created a panel with a slope to accommodate the roof design. Once the panels were created at our in-house manufacturing facility, each bundle was labeled using our color-code system. This process allows us to exactly stage and deliver the wall panels, as needed.

To improve safety, we built soffits for the roof trusses on the ground. Doing this limited the time our team was on the crane and increased the speed at which we were able to build the soffits. And, given the tight space between each cottage, we were deliberate in when to bring in large equipment. In many cases, we used manpower to carry materials, whenever possible.

It is with great honor and pride of partnership that I write this letter of reference for Quality Buildings, LLC.

As the Project Engineer II with my previous employer, Warfel Construction Company, I had the pleasure to work very closely with Quality Buildings on the Garden Spot Village – Sycamore Springs West Cottages project.

Quality Buildings served as our framing and rough carpentry subcontractor in which they excelled at driving the project schedule with their adept tradesmanship. With their extensive field team experience as well as highly coordinated office staff, Quality Buildings provided the highest quality of workmanship as they stayed true to their name!

As part of their subcontracted scope of work for all fifty cottages and four community buildings on the project, Quality Buildings completed all framing, roof truss installation, installation of all pre-hung doors and windows, as well as providing the weather barrier membrane for all buildings.

Robert Lenosky

Former Project Engineer, Warfel Construction Company

I have had the opportunity to work with Quality Buildings on the Garden Spot Village Cottages where they demonstrated their ability to keep the flow of work progressing on a highly coordinated and phased cottage project.

Quality Buildings provided quality workmanship and time management throughout the project. I have found their personnel to be professional and highly knowledgeable in their trade. As part of the execution of the project, they provided Prefab wall panels to ensure an efficient schedule. The buildings look good and show well!

Aaron Moul

Project Manager, Warfel Construction