The Flats at Kennett

The Flats at Kennett

General Contractor: High Construction

Location: Kennett Square, PA

Project Description:

Our favorite projects are the ones where we can make an immediate, measurable difference that results in a more successful construction project for the general contractor, the owner, and our team. This was the case in the development of the Flats at Kennett Square, a luxury apartment complex. For this project, our scope included designing, building, delivering, and installing the wall panels – all built off-site – for the multiple floor plan complex that included a gym, an outdoor pool, and other amenities.

As High Construction’s turnkey framing partner, our work started with our pre-construction process of reviewing and resolving discrepancies in the design between the architectural and structural drawings. The goal of our process is to create a more efficient and safer job site. For this project, our team was able to dissect the drawings to identify and resolve conflicts in the structural design before getting to the job site. Our process and a thorough review determined the bearing point loads exceeded what was specified in the design. This identification resulted in adding structural posts to the design. Quality Buildings worked closely with the architectural designers and MEPs to identify where the new structural posts should be placed. As part of our proactive pre-construction process, we were also able to quickly adjust our panel design on building 3, which required the hold-down anchorage to be welded to the steel beam below an elevated slab. We then provided a CAD file to the surveyor, pinpointing the exact locations for installation.

Our ability to construct the wall panels in our off-site manufacturing facility was also instrumental in keeping the project moving. This was especially important as the project was underway during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and only 50 percent complete at the time of the shutdown. Our process and innovative framing model helped control costs and create efficiencies, which in turn keep schedule delays to a minimum.