Commercial Wood Framing

Improve Efficiency, Productivity, & Safety with Pre-Fab Construction

A Leader in Wood Framing Construction

Quality Buildings has earned its reputation as an expert in commercial lumber framing, specializing in multi-use communities, multi-family apartment complexes, senior living facilities, and hotel construction.

More than just award-winning wood framers, we’re project managers and solution-providers to keep your project running in the most efficient, productive, and safest way possible. Our pre-fabricated construction process allows us to find and solve problems before they get on-site, saving you time, eliminating error, and creating a safer construction site.

Complete Your Project 30% Faster with Pre-Fab Construction

There are many benefits to using pre-fabricated panels and trusses. Investing in a pre-fab construction not only offers you more overall control over the process and quality, it also saves you time and money by reducing the duration of your project by up to 30%. With Quality Buildings as your framing partner, you get added value in every project through reduced general condition costs for general contractors, quicker turnaround, and because we guarantee the contract number, you have a lower risk of cost overages. You’ll realize an accelerated construction schedule and a faster ROI.

Sustainability Benefits

Why choose prefabrication for wall panels and trusses over traditional methods?

  • Reduced Material Waste
  • Reduced Noise and Air Pollution
  • Reduced Transportation Emissions
  • Advanced Assembly Method Reduces Energy Per SF
  • Potential to Reduce 21 million Tons of CO2

Our Process is Guided by State-of-the-art Technology

Using 3D Structural Modeling Software by MiTEK, we create an optimized, buildable, and viewable frame outline pulling together all the information from the architectural & structural drawings to flush out any discrepancies. This also allows for collaboration with other trades to detect clashes with other construction partners, resulting in such as MEPs etc., resulting in greater time and cost efficiencies throughout the life of the project.

Our Turnkey Framing Package:

  • Conventional Lumber or Mass Timber Lumber Package
  • Pre-fabricated Wall Panels Supplied and Installed
  • Roof and Floor Trusses Supplied and Installed
  • QB TimberTowers for Stairs & Elevator Shafts
  • Delivered to the Site
  • On-site Installation that Includes Manpower & Equipment as Needed
  • Material for all Safety Railings as Needed
  • 3D BIM Modeling Using MiTek

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